MUHAMMAD2 The Verwourren Sequel is the second game in the Muhammad pentology. The player takes control of Muhammad, who has now gone on to be king, but the evil Mage Belsazar has kidnapped Muhammad's son, Muhammad II. The game has recived universal acclaim, managing to replicate the first games success. It is available for free dwnload here:[http://]


The events take place some time after the first installment. Muhammad has been crowned king of Muhalländ and is happy about that but then the evil Mage Belsazar comes and kidnaps Muhammad's son, Muhammad II. He has also managed to get hold of the two ghosts the evil Snakelord has split into and transformed them into new bosses. At the end, Muhammad defeats them all and is reunited with his son.


The gameplay has been carried over from the first game almost entirely, although they removed the ability to super jump. This is being thought of as a good change, as it freshed up the gameplay and was considered a big innovation.


  • Fallen Island Distriben
  • Trash Tower Brackhas
  • Wicked woods Shniggshnagg
  • Drowning Desert Gibraltar
  • Flashing Finale Duumdaraffa
  • Final Final Finaliusmansh
  • Ending Ebene Eifuhrs


  • Traveler
  • Flying Traveler
  • Statt Ghur
  • Stitt Gher
  • Green snake
  • Blüs
  • Snakelord Ghost
  • Mage Belsazar
  • Mage Belsazar 2


  • There is a secret level that can be accessed by pressing O on the end screen.
  • MUHAMMAD2 The Verwourren Sequel was the most ambitious Muhammad game of its time.