MUHAMMAD 3 The Verwourren Family is the third game in the Muhammad pentology. It is considered one of the greatest video games of all time. MUHAMMAD 3 The Verwourren Family has been published in all languages except in spanish and has been downloaded 4,323,218.036 times. It is available for download here:


Muhammad is ill and only his son Muhammad II can help him to find the verwourren cure. But the evil Lloyd, son of The snake lord and Mage Belsazar, has stolen the cure. So once again, a journey has to be taken, but this time it is taken by Muhammad II and not Muhammad. It's okay though because Muhammad II is just as good as Muhammad.


The gameplay is similar to the previous iterations, with the abilities to jump and muhajump. Due to the great reception to the exclusion ofthe super jump in MUHAMMAD2 The Verwourren Sequel it has not been included again. This was again received very positively.


  • Traveler
  • Imp
  • Ogre
  • Flying Traveler
  • Desert Lizard Snake
  • Atlas Ogre
  • Throwing Imp
  • Wurfkuk
  • Evil Master of day and night Lloyd
  • Even more evil Master of day and night Superlloyd


  • MUHAMMAD 3 The Verwourren Family was the most ambitious Muhammad game of its time.