MUHAMMAD 4 The Verwourren Streets FIRE VS ICE is the fourth game in the muhammad pentology. It is widely considered the black sheep of the series, although it has still received critical and commercial acclaim like its predecessors. The main drawback from MUHAMMAD 4 The Verwourren Streets FIRE VS ICE is its difficulty, which the community had to get used to before they could enjoy this game.


A new Timeage has begun: Now everything is futuristic. That doesn't mean there are less problems; two old friends of Muhammad III, son of Muhammad, who are names Iceammad and Magmammad, are fighting day and night over who is the better one. In order to show the other who is best, Iceammad wants to freeze the world and Magmammad wants to burn everything. Now Muhammad III, son of Muhammad II, has to travel to the forbidden places in Muhalländ where nobody has been before and try to stop Iceammad and Magmammad.


The gameplay is similar to the previous games again, with the jump and the muhajump available. There is one new feature, called ducking, which has redefined the platforming genre and influenced many games such as the Super Mario series. Everyone in the world agrees to those games being inferior to MUHAMMAD 4 The Verwourren Streets FIRE VS ICE though.


  • Traveler
  • Flying Traveler
  • Cheesechopper
  • Lightnings
  • Ethus
  • Discs
  • Fafish
  • Cyborg Snake
  • Aph
  • Coconuts
  • Fufish
  • Mighty Firedragon
  • Fireballs
  • BOSS: Flyking Hahysh
  • Charm
  • Tahus
  • Warm
  • BOSS
  • BOSS
  • Iceler
  • Icy Aph
  • Icy coconuts
  • FINALBOSS Armorhammad:
  • Armorhand
  • Armorfist


  • There is another secret level in this game, which can be accessed by pressng the M key at the end of the game.
  • MUHAMMAD 4 The Verwourren Streets FIRE VS ICE has never been finished without dying.
  • MUHAMMAD 4 The Verwourren Streets FIRE VS ICE was the most ambitious Muhammad game of its time.
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