MUHAMMAD The Verwourren Worlds is the first game in the Muhammad pentalogy. It has received universial critical and commercial acclaim, selling over 2,000,000 copies in just under 4 minutes. In it, the player takes control of Muhammad, who goes on a journey to save his 9 brothers from the evil Snakelord. It is available for free download at


One day, the evil Snakelord hears about one of the 10 Muhammad brothers being the best person of all time, and decides to kidnap them because he is mean and scared that they will stop him from being mean and also Muhammad Senior destroyed his mother. However, he miscounted and only kidnapped 9 of the Muhammad brothers, overlooking Muhammad because he was taking a swim in the lake. So now it's Muhammads duty to save his brothers from the evil clutches of the Snakelord. He travels through the lands with the help of his sister Mahimmud and they eventually reach the Erminia prison, where Muhammad manages to defeat the evil Snakelord and save his brothers. They give him money and presents.

It is said, that during the journey to the Snakelords lair, Muhammad and Mahimmud formed a special relationship. They both realized however, that they are not determined to be together, so they break up again. At the walls of Ceralighund, Muhammad encounters his future wife Harla, a thief and ally of Dengin and Bingin, residing in the ruins of the old Ceralighund castle. She fights the siblings but is stopped by the great fighting skills of Muhammad and they all become friends soon after, with Muhammad and Harla even forming a romantic relationship that leads to the birth of Muhammad II. This whole plot point was completely left out of the game by the inventor, but is crucial to the development of the Muhammad series.


The player controls Muhammad, who has the basic abilities of jumping, super jump and muhajump. By pressing the up-key, the player can summon Muhammads sister Mahimmud to help player 1. Mahimmud however is much slower and can't jump as high, showing how weak she is compared to the mighty Muhammad. They travel through the world of Muhalländ in search of Muhammad's 9 brothers.


  • Aghdanim
  • Berulohr
  • Ceralighund
  • Furgiahnall al
  • Defershedershedersh
  • Erminia Prison


  • Traveler
  • Flying Traveler
  • Snake
  • Big Snake
  • Monstrous Snake
  • Snake Lord


A soundtrack has been released, and has been widely praised. Track #9 'We are all brothers' has been on the #1 spot in the charts for more than 5 years in 43 different countries.

Track listing

  1. Muhammads Journey - 1:02
  2. Hils of Aghdanim - 0:44
  3. Crawling through Berulohr caves - 2:38
  4. Ceralighund castle walls - 2:33
  5. Falling Furgiahnall Al - 0:55
  6. Dying in Defershedershedersh - 2:42
  7. Sheikhs and Snakes - 2:27
  8. Boss Brawling - 1:58
  9. We are all brothers - 1:03