Muhammad is the hero, protagonist and main character of the highly succesful Muhammad series. He is a Muhallandian sheikh and also becomes king of Muhalländ between MUHAMMAD The verwourren worlds and MUHAMMAD2 The verwourren sequel. Muhammads first appearance was in MUHAMMAD The verwourren worlds, where he served as the sympathetic protagonist. His most well-known ability is to jump, which he uses as his main attack against the various beasts and enemies in Muhalländ, although he also knows more advanced abilities, like the Super Jump, or the hard-to-master Muha-Jump. He mostly goes on adventures in his games, and saves his relatives, but he was also seen doing sports like Tennis or Basketball.


In 2011, after the big success of Poppycorn, the famous Inventor had the desire to make another masterpiece and change the world. He wanted it to be a jump´n´run about a likable sheikh who discovers fantastic worlds and saves his nine brothers from an evil threat. After hours of long work, MUHAMMAD The verwourren worlds was born. The gameplay, and most of all the marvellous design of the main character led to an even bigger success than Poppycorn.      

Other appearancesEdit

Muhammad has appeared in several spin-off titles.

  • MUHAMMAD Tennis
  • MUHAMMAD The verwourren 3 gewinnt
  • MUHAMMAD The Verwourren Christmas
  • MUHAMMADSPECIAL The Verwourren Schieb
  • PREMIUM-MUHAMMAD The Verwourren Worlds
  • Verwourren Physics 1

Personality and physical appearanceEdit

He is considered one of the best people in the world, alongside the other

Muhammad Cosplay

Muhammads. He wears the iconic white veil and his dashing blue robe. On artworks, he also wears a belt. A pearl of pure amber decorates his forehead; a signal of his strength and agility. He always has his eyes closed, but is perfectly aware of his surroundings and has no problem traversing it safely. Muhammad enjoys collecting money he finds scattered around lands. He likes everyone in the world except Sarah, Felice and Anita Döllerwähr.


  • Muhammad actually has long blonde hair under his shiny veil, which is a sign of his strength and wisdom.